Decoding Aussie Lingo

When I first started traveling to Australia I found myself a bit lost at times due to their penchant for shortening words paired with their own unique set of terminology. When my sister married an Australian and moved to Perth I suddenly had my own "dictionary" for decoding Aussie lingo. With their help, I've put together a list of some of the more common terms and phrases. This definitely isn't all of them, but it's a start. 

Arvo - afternoon. "You can make an appointment to come by this arvo". 

How's it going? - how are you doing. "She's pretty nice. She always asks me how I'm going". 

Sticky beak - a nosy person, to have a snoop around. "My Aunt Mildred is such a sticky beak". 

Quick squizzy - Take a quick look. "Our neighbor is a hottie, let's take a quick squizzy". 

Brekky - Breakfast. "I'm starving! Let's go grab some brekky". 

Sunnies - sunglasses. "Don't forget your sunnies, it's a scorcher out there". 

Slippery dip -slide. "My favorite thing about the water park is the slippery dip". 

Fairy floss - cotton candy. "My favorite thing about the fair is grabbing some fairy floss". 

Chuck a yewy - make a u turn. "You missed it! It's on the left. Quick, chuck a yewy". 

Ute - truck. "Let's load our stuff in the ute". 

out of cooee - really far away. "She lives down this road out of cooee". 

wog - cold/flu/sickness. "I think I'm finally getting over my wog". 

tracky daks - track pants/sweatpants. "Some days I don't change out of my tracky daks". 

grot - dirty/filthy. "You're quite the grot today. Maybe you should take a shower". 

bathers/togs - swimsuit. "I can't believe I forgot my togs when we went to the beach". 

jumper - sweater. "It's cool enough for a jumper this evening". 

fair dinkum - for real. "I caught a shark 8 meters long, fair dinkum mate". 

sus - suspicious. "That dude in the carpark looks real sus". 

lollies - candy. "He has a real sweet tooth. His desk is full of lollies". 

randy - horny. "He's so randy he even hit on my great aunt Gertrude". 

bogan - redneck. "My neighbors shoot guns in their backyard. They're such bogans". 

Barbie - BBQ. "Let's have some mates round for a barbie". 

Bikkie - Biscuits. "I never have a cuppa without a bikkie". 

Cuppa - hot drink.  "If I put the kettle on will you have a cuppa?" 

Bloke - man. "Derek only likes guns, cars, and beer. He's such a bloke". 

mate - friend, pal. "He's very sociable - has heaps of mates". 

crook - sick. "Elena's taken a sickie. She's very crook". 

mad as a cut snake - very angry. "Stay out of Andy's way today - he's mad as a cut snake". 

sookie - sullen, pouting. "I hate hanging out with my sister when she's sookie". 

whinge - whine, complain. "All she does is whinge about her weight". 

Dero - derelict. "George has been picked up by the cops again. He's such a dero". 

dipstick - loser, idiot. "I can't believe she locked herself out of her car. She's such a dipstick". 

drongo - stupid person. "She thought dying her hair brunette would actually make her smarter. What a drongo". 

esky - cooler. "Let's throw our drinks in the esky and go". 

earbashing - nagging, nonstop talking. "I didn't get my homework done in time so my teacher gave me an earbashing". 

off his face - drunk. "Don't believe a thing he says. He's completely off his face". 

fair go - a chance. "Come on mate - give me a fair go!" 

give them the flick - fire someone. "She's useless. It's about time our boss gave her the flick". 

fossick - search. "After fossicking through all the cupboards the only thing I found to eat was baked beans". 

knock back - refusal. "I've applied for this job four times and keep getting knocked back". 

maccas - macdonalds. "We'll die from heart attacks if we keep eating at maccas this much". 

moolah - money. "I'm clean out of moolah". 

mozzie - mosquito. "We got absolutely eaten alive by mozzies". 

no worries - it's ok, it's alright. "No worries mate. She'll be right". 

oldies - parents. "It's about time we go see our oldies". 

op shop - thrift store. "I can't believe what a good deal I got at the op shop". 

piss- beer. "As soon as we knock off work we're going to hit the piss". 

pom, pommie - englishman. "Look at Jeffrey all bundled up in the summer. He's such a pommie". 

postie - postman. "Our dog is madder than a cut snake. I can't believe he bit our postie". 

prezzy - present. "He lavishes her with prezzies, lucky girl". 

rellie - relative. "It's all too crazy when the rellies get together". 

ripper - great, fantastic. "That's a ripper of a ute mate". 

rock up - show up. "He always rocks up to our house uninvited for free meals." 

smoko -  smoking or coffee break. "It's eleven o'clock. Put on the pot and we'll have smoko". 

sickie - sick day. "She's out on sickie again". 

shout - turn to buy. "I know you're out of money. That's okay mate, I'll shout". 

stuffed - tired. "I spent all day kangaroo hustling. I'm stuffed". 

tee up -  set up. "My mate said he'd tee up a date for me but so far he hasn't come through". 

thongs - flip flops. "I never shower in strange places without wearing thongs". 

sparky - electrician. "I think we called that sparkie just in time since smoke was pouring from the fuse box". 

tucker - food. "Come get some tucker. We're going to chuck a snag on the barbie". 

tea - drink or dinner. "Let's invite them round for tea". 

turps - alchohol. "My boss just gave me the flick. Let's hit the pub and get on the turps". 

uni - university. "She can't make up her mind on a career. She's been at uni for six years". 

up oneself - have a high opinion of yourself. "He's so up himself just because he can wrestle a crocodile". 

vego - vegetarian. "His choice of a steakhouse for tea was pretty strange for a vego". 

wobbly - get excited/upset. "They told him he couldn't export a kangaroo and he chucked a wobbly". 

yobbo - uncouth person. "He stripped to the nude in public. He's such a yobbo". 

Now that you've read all that, go forth and visit Australia! Then come back and let us know what interesting terms you picked up while you were there that we didn't mention.