Blessed Are The Curious For They Shall Have Adventures

Can you find adventure anywhere? We think so. Good old Merriam Webster defines adventure as a remarkable or exciting experience, or an activity involving danger or unknown risk. Heck, with that definition driving on a California freeway or crashing a wedding could be considered an adventure. See? Adventure is everywhere. You don't have to backpack through Borneo during the rainy season eating nothing but bananas to be an adventurer. You don't even have to post hardcore pictures of yourself on Instagram to be an adventurer. All you have to do is be purposeful about engaging in activities that lead to new experiences. If that means finally ordering a new dish at your favorite restaurant or joining that rock-paper-scissors club (hey, it's a real thing at Northern Kentucky University) we won't judge. If it means selling your things and moving to New Zealand to spend a season shearing sheep, that's cool too. The point is no matter who you are or where you live, you can have adventures too. So go forth and start exploring your corner of the world.

Current Adventure

Living in our self-converted Sprinter van



We're medical professionals with a nomadic background. Between the two of us, we've moved over twenty times, traveled to 40 countries, and lived in Tanzania, Malawi, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, and the United States. We put on scrubs and head to the hospital to pay the bills, but don't be fooled - every chance we get we're adventuring at home and abroad and are currently living in a Sprinter van while continuing to work full time. 

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We were delighted and honored to recently receive a Liebster Award. Here's the scoop: Liebster Awards involve being nominated by another blog and are a way of discovering and shedding light on new blogs. New small blogs to be specific. So if you're lucky and your new blog has blown up, sorry - no Liebster Award for you. I'm guessing you won't loose too much sleep over it though, since you'll have a successful blog to condole you. Since we chose to accept the award, we've been handed the baton of finding some awesome blogs to nominate and tell you guys about. We're currently on the hunt for creative and informative travel and adventure blogs, and we'll be writing a post about our finds as soon as we're done. The post will also have a lot more information about the Liebster Award and the answers to the questions our lovely nominator, Sara, challenged us with. 

You Can Do It! 

Not sure if you're ready to become a full fledged adventurer? Well, there are a ton of sites out there with awesome advice about budget travel, creative adventures ect., so we won't re-hash that stuff. If you want to learn how we go about doing things (like saving money for trips) we'd be more than happy to chat with you, but for now we're just going to throw out some ideas about some less commonly discussed stuff that may be holding you back. 

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Featured Project 

From a quick perusal of this site it's clear that we're pretty passionate about travel and adventure. But we're pretty into humanitarian service too. That's actually why we decided to pursue medical careers (not for the pay like everyone thinks!).  We'd love for you to get on board with humanitarian service too. It's possible we're a bit narcissistic, because we really want other people to be excited about whatever we're excited about. Deal with it. The current project page is our designated spot for highlighting service organizations and projects that we feel passionate about. It might even inspire you to join or support the effort. Even if you don't do either of those things, just being aware of stuff is a good thing.