Van Dwelling

The road to vanlife is different for everyone. That's one of the things we like most about it. Everyone finds their own reason to move into a home on four wheels. What would lead us to move from a comfortable house into a van you might ask? Well, one of our cars was stolen and we decided to replace it with a Sprinter. Then came the novel thought, why don't we move into the van for the final year of my residency? We've been renting for the past four years and the idea of being able to put that money towards our crushing student loans sounded pretty good. To make a long story short, we'll jump forward to where we converted a FedEx Sprinter van into a home with the help of our families. While we can't wait to be free and wandering the roads  of various countries, for now we're working full time and saving money on rent to put towards our loans. We hope that wherever this finds you, you're pursuing a life of purpose and won't be too afraid to consider going down an unusual path. To vaguely quote Robert Frost, choosing the road less traveled can make all the difference. From our tiny home to yours, we wish you a meaningful journey. 

- Justin

P.S. You can find the articles we've written about the conversion and life in the Sprinter in our blog. However, if you'd prefer to view just those articles without having to sort through the blog, click the button below to go to a page that only displays articles with a Sprinter tag.